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    I saw on mlbtraderumors.com that Daniel Descalso has signed a minor league contract wiyh the Minnesota Twins. He didn't play last year due to injury.

    Now something interesting I saw on baseball reference (the site mlbtraderumors most commonly linnks to for statistics in its articles- Descalso has actually pitched 6 2/3 innings at the major league level with 5 earned runs allowed (better than many career pitchers achieve). Now these are probably just mop-up innings to save the bullpen in blow-out games, but that's quite a few blow-out games to be pitching in. It speaks to the longevity of his major league career. Descalso was also a successful high school pitcher. I was very surprised Rex Peters was able to resist having him pitch in 2006. They had so many injuries that they only had six healthy pitchers at one point.

    His former Aggie teammate Tyler La Torre pitched 7 1/3 innings in the minor leagues and is Sacramento State's pitching coach. Catchers are uniquely insightful when it comes to pitching, since they are the other side of it. If I'm not mistaken two of their last 3 pitching coaches (Steve Holm) are former Giants minor league catchers.

    Ryan Anderson is still playing-for the Hickory Crawdads. He played for them in 2019, but without going anywhere- he earned a promotion. Hickory moved from low-A ball to high-A under the minor league reallignment.

    Orlando Razo had reached as high-A (now low-A) with the Modesto Nuts. I saw the Nuts play for the first time this past weekend. Fun experience. it's an old ballpark but it's an old-timey, nostalgic atmosphere that's refreshing. It's like the town-ball teams of the early 20th century.

    At the gate an almond mascot gave me a magnet schedule.
  • Goags20172
    Oh, I forgot. The Modesto Nuts have 3 mascots: Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, and Shelly the Pistachio.

    One fan had a little too much to drink and I heard him call out to Wally, "Hey, WALTER !" They take social distancing very seriously

  • Goags20172
    Fresno this past weekend. Big empty ballpark. Doubt if there were even 500 spectators with a 10,000 capacity. I'd been once before but had vastly different seats. Nice view of downtown. Too bad that part of downtown is so minimal in food and entertainment.li2s7k7ycir93zxp.jpg
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