• MBB Off-season 2022
    The Big West Conference schedule has been released. Here is the schedule for the Aggies:

    Thursday 12/29 @ Hawaii
    Thursday 1/5 Irvine
    Saturday 1/7 Bakersfield
    Wednesday 1/11 @ CSUN
    Saturday 1/14 Fullerton
    Monday 1/16 @ San Diego
    Thursday 1/19 Riverside
    Saturday 1/21 Cal Poly
    Thursday 1/26 @ Bakersfield
    Saturday 128 @ Long Beach
    Thursday 2/2 Hawaii
    Thursday 2/9 @ Riverside
    Saturday 2/11 @ Santa Barbara
    Wednesday 2/15 CSUN
    Saturday 2/18 @ Irvine
    Monday 2/20 San Diego
    Thursday 2/23 @ Fullerton
    Saturday 2/25 @ Cal Poly
    Thursday 3/2 Santa Barbara
    Saturday 3/4 Long Beach

    The entire schedule for all teams here:
  • MBB Off-season 2022
    Definitely going to be interesting to see how this group comes together. The trip to Europe in August will be good opportunity for players to get to know each other and, hopefully, help create a great team chemistry.
  • MBB Off-season 2022
    I'm guessing that he thought he'd have a better chance for more minutes here than at UCSB. They're loaded again as always.
  • 2023 Football Recruiting
    It looks like we're making an early push to get bigger and stronger on the OL.
  • Graduation cut short, 7 taken to the hospital
    It can be very unpleasant and even dangerous sitting in the full sun on a turf field with no shade when the temperature is very hot. Graduation at this time of the year in our area should be later in the evenings or ridiculously early if it is held outside.

    I sat on Toomey Field for graduation in 1975 when the temperature went above 100 degrees and it was miserable and I was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt under my gown. It was so hot that everyone just wanted it to get over.
  • Graduation cut short, 7 taken to the hospital
    The football stadium is an inferno when it gets extremely hot. The heat gets trapped in the sunken bowl and reflected off the artificial turf. We've experienced this before.
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    Regarding Brooke Yanez:

    Oregon Ducks softball ace pitcher Brooke Yanez announced via Twitter that she will miss the entire 2022 season due to injury.

    It’s a big blow for the Ducks. Yanez was one of the best pitchers in the country last season. The first-team all-conference hurler was 22-6 and posted a 2.11 earned run average a year ago.

    The transfer from UC-Davis was going to be a fifth-year senior this season, but it’s assumed she will receive a medical redshirt and Yanez says she will be ready to go for the 2023 season.
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    Those are all valid points, cmt, and, as you have pointed out, there are a lot of positives regarding the transfer portal for the athletes as well. I especially like that an athlete can make a change without penalty when the "fit" at a school isn't working out for them and for players who simply want to play somewhere, perhaps a smaller program, where they can play more minutes and not just ride the bench.

    I think the point that Dick Vitale was making was that it's easier now for the power programs to "poach" players from smaller schools who have taken the time and energy to develop players who were off the radar of the big programs. Of course, the NCAA rules prohibit schools from contacting players until they officially enter the portal but I think we'd be naive to believe that elite players from smaller schools are not being contacted "through the grapevine" in a myriad of ways before they decide to enter the portal. Sure, it's a good opportunity for those players in many ways but not so good for the smaller schools who are trying to grow the prominence of their programs.
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    I feel essentially the same as the coaches about the transfer portal. I recently read some comments by college basketball commentator and analyst, Dick Vitale, and he was very critical about the elimination of the rule that required an athlete to sit out a year when transferring from one D1 school to another D1. He felt that the transfer portal, as it is now, would pretty much devastate the mid-major programs since the smaller programs often find and develop kids that the big programs aren't interested in and then eventually lose them to the power programs once those players have been developed and noticed. He said the big, major programs would be happy to let the smaller schools develop kids and then go after them. The rich get richer....seems to be the American way in just about everything nowadays including college athletics.
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    Thanks for the report, agalum. My wife and I were thinking of going but then I got my second Covid booster yesterday morning and felt like crap later that afternoon. I hope the small turnout won't stop them from doing this again next year.

    Can you say a little more about what the coaches had to say about how they felt the transfer portal was going to affect programs like us and recruiting? Did they articulate any pros and cons?

    My wife and I met Coach Les a couple of years ago and, like you, were very impressed with him. He's very personable and genuine to talk to.
  • MBB Off-season 2022
    Crazy...UCD to Cal Baptist to Portland State to Denver to Penn!
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    Let us know how the event was and what the coaches had to say, agalum.
  • California Tour Set for Hawkins and Others
    Here are the coaches that will be on this tour:

  • MBB Off-season 2022
    Sac State continues to add to their haul of transfers. Sharp shooting Austin Patterson 6'3 185 SG, has transferred to Sac from Wofford. Patterson had offers from the Aggies, UCSB, Montana State, Riverside, IUPUI and South Alabama out of high school before choosing Wofford.
  • MBB Off-season 2022
    That's pretty high praise from Les. I sure hope he'll be able to contribute this fall as a true freshman.
  • 2023 Football Recruiting
    This will be a big benefit to our athletes and coaches and it should help with recruiting too.


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