• AggieFinn2
    I'm a little late on posting this one. Apparently USF fired their top assistant coach before the season because he was engaged in sexually harrassing behavior toward the players. The head coach was already on thin ice for abusive comments he made to team members and his inability to keep the assistant in check, but then he let the fired assistant re-enter the facility, so he was canned too.


    Well, in light of what happened to the UC Davis program it's nice to know that other programs are being brought to task for what they have been getting away with. The college sports world acted like they were so shocked at UCD's hazing, but everyone knows it goes on in many other programs-they just haven't been caught yet.

    Have to wonder what is going on with that former USF assistant though. Sounds like from his USF bio he's 20+ years from playing competitively. Maybe he's going through a mid-life crisis and the way he's dealing with it is trying to re-live his college baseball days and bond with the players in the crazy inappropriate ways he and his teammates did back in the day. Or maybe there's a screw loose. I suppose we can be grateful for Matt Vaughn. Despite the fact he never really left UC Davis when he graduated he grew up and never pulled any crap like this...that we know about.
  • movielover
    Creepy. Is a coach who crawls out onto a baseball field guilty of sexual harrassment? And the HC not much better with violent fantasies about players.
  • AggieFinn2
    With sexual harrassment it's largely about how the offended party perceives it, and judging by their lawsuit that's how those former players see it.

    And context is important too. The fact that Nakamura was reported to having been seen nude on several occasions by the players is not really the troublesome point-in the normal course of a season that would happen quite a few times in the locker room/shower facilities. But that's just in passing. When the coach is struttimg around naked in the dugout and on the field people have the right to feel uncomfortable about that. And it truly is harrassment if that coach flips a player imto a kegstand position and pretends to eat the air near their crotch, which he is accused of doing.

    One other troubling thing. I know some people on this site go to USF sometimes for Aggie basketball games. If you happen to see Benedetti Diamond on one of the trips you'll notice how you can see right onto the field from outside on the sidewalk. Passerby can see and hear everything.
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