• agalum

    “DAVIS, Calif. – Veteran coach Andre Allen has joined the UC Davis football program to oversee the receivers. The California native comes to Davis after two seasons in the same position at Washington State.”

    Sounds like a good hire.
  • DrMike
    Sounds like a great pickup.
  • Riveraggie
    We needed a wide receiver coach with all the new guys this year. He has impressive resume. I’m kind of curious about the offense CCSF ran when he was offensive coordinator. He’s been associated with Nick Rolovich who has favored the run and shoot for years but I’m guessing that wasn’t CCSFs offense.
  • AggieFinn2
    Well, I think it's a terrible hire-he will make the receivers run in the wrong direction and score points for the other team !

    Not really-it's an excellent hire. This was just to add some variety to what would likely be a very one sided topic thread.

    One thing Mr. Allen already has going for him is his first photo on the UC Davis website doesn't show him with a pulled-down "chin diaper" mask like the new women's volleyball assistant. Makes her look like she has a neck beard for Pete's Sake. If you're committed to not covering your nose and mouth then take the darn mask off...it looks so stupid ! Would it have killed them to use a photo where she didn't look ridiculous ?
  • AggieFinn
    Guy looks like a total lifer. He chose to come back to California and get out of Pullman (or was he let go?) which is understandable. Pullman's a great college town, a little isolated.

    He obviously has heavy roots in San Francisco, and he should be dynamite at recruiting the Bay Area.

  • Riveraggie
    Impressive that CCSF won three mythical national titles while he was offensive coordinator. At CCSF they had exceptional stability in the coaching staff Allen spent the first 25 years there with the same head coach. WSU was the opposite this last year with half the coaching staff and his friend, the head coach, getting fired over the vaccination mandate mid season. They still had a decent season, amazingly.
  • DrMike
    seems like he could be a real mentor to Cody as well as the young receivers
  • Riveraggie
    I hope he is given the opportunity to have input. We certainly have a few experienced veteran coaches on offense.
    The offensive line was coached last year by a coach who moved up from a lower level of football. We might need some mentorship there.
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